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  2018-Jan-28 - Take Heart—He Will Surely Show You Hesed Grace
  2018-Jan-24 - Be A Carrier Of God's Love
  2018-Jan-21 - Unlock God’s Power In Your Life—Ask And You Shall Receive
  2018-Jan-14 - Jesus Your Hesed And Wisdom Part 2
  2018-Jan-07 - Jesus Your Hesed And Wisdom

  2017-Nov-12 - Unlock God’s Supply For Your Every Need

  2017-Oct-15 - Access His Blessings By His Blood
  2017-Oct-08 - Think Young, Stay Young

  2017-Sep-24 - Live Fearless In Dark Times
  2017-Sep-17 - Under Attack? Put On The Armor Of God!
  2017-Sep-10 - The Prayer That Repairs Your Body
  2017-Sep-03 - Find Freedom From Every Bondage And Addiction

  2017-Aug-27 - Discover God’s Way To Bless You
  2017-Aug-20 - Pursue The Healer And Be Healed
  2017-Aug-06 - The Healing Power Of A Joyful Heart

  2017-Jul-30 - His Healing Is For The Undeserving​
  2017-Jul-26 - #500 His Promises Are Yours To Own
  2017-Jul-23 - #499 Got A Weakness? God Can Use You! ​
  2017-Jul-16 - Are You Frustrating The Favor Of God?​
  2017-Jul-09 - Set Free To Reign In Life (Live at MegaFest)​

  2017-Jun-18 - Live Strong In The Father’s Love

  2017-May-21 - Turn Your Frustrations Into Breakthroughs
  2017-May-14 - #494 Align Yourself With His Purpose and Prosper
  2017-May-07 - #493 Victory In Your Day Of Trouble

  2017-Apr-30 - #492 Win Over Guilt And Condemnation
  2017-Apr-16 - #491 What Makes No Weapon Prosper Against You
  2017-Apr-09 - #490 Win Over Fear And Pride

  2017-Mar-19 - #489 Win Over Discouragement, Depression And Burnout
  2017-Mar-12 - #488 Know Him Whose Heart Is To Serve You
  2017-Mar-05 - #487 Be Led By The Spirit Into Every Blessing

  2017-Feb-26 - #486 Live Stress-Free By His Spirit
  2017-Feb-22 - #482 The Rapture—Your Blessed Hope In Dark Times (Mid Week)
  2017-Feb-19 - #481 Amazing Things Happen When You Flow With The Spirit
  2017-Feb-12 - #480 The Friend You Can Always Depend On
  2017-Feb-05 - #479 Stay On Grace Ground And Experience True Life
  2017-Jan-08 - #476 Walk In Constant Victory Over Fear
  2017-Jan-01 - #475 Jesus Our Jubilee

  2016-Dec-25 - Jesus—Your Reason For A Fear-Free Life

  2016-Nov-27 - #478 Redemption Truths That Bless Your Relationships
  2016-Nov-13 - #477 As Jesus Is, So Are You
  2016-Nov-06 - #485 The Four Gospels Unlocked For Your Blessings—Part 3

  2016-Oct-16 - #484 The Four Gospels Unlocked For Your Blessings - Part 2
  2016-Oct-09 - #483 The Four Gospels Unlocked For Your Blessings
  2016-Oct-02 - #474 God Is A Gracious Rewarder

  2016-Sep-28 - #472 Christ Revealed In The Ark Of The Covenant (Mid Week)
  2016-Sep-25 - #471 Unleash The Sound Of Victory!
  2016-Sep-11 - #470 The God Who Goes Before You
  2016-Sep-04 - #469 Find Hope And Refuge In Dark Times

  2016-Aug-28 - #468 The Way Of Escape In Every Trial
  2016-Aug-24 - #467 Powerful Truths From The Book Of Revelation (Mid Week)
  2016-Aug-14 - #466 Protected By The Blood Of Jesus
  2016-Aug-07 - #465 Eat Your Way To Divine Health​—Part 2

  2016-Jul-31 - #464 Eat Your Way To Divine Health
  2016-Jul-24 - #463 What It Means To Prosper In All Things
  2016-Jul-17 - #462 Say “Yes!” To All His Promises
  2016-Jul-10 - #461 Living Under God’s Constant Supply Of Miracles
  2016-Jul-03 - #460 God Loves To Exceed Your Expectations

  2016-Jun-26 - #459 Positioned In His Protection
  2016-Jun-19 - #458 Experience God’s Sure Kindness Toward You
  2016-Jun-05 - #456 Looking To Jesus—The Key To Blessings And Victory (Live In Israel)

  2016-May-15 - #455 Live Full Of Faith
  2016-May-08 - #457 Live Victorious
  2016-May-01 - #454 Live Undefeated In Christ

  2016-Apr-24 - #453 God’s Restoration For Your Family Part 2
  2016-Apr-10 - #452 God’s Restoration For Your Family
  2016-Apr-03 - #451 Follow Jesus And Blessings Follow You

  2016-Mar-27 - Golgotha—God’s Love Revealed
  2016-Mar-20 - #450 Find Protection Under His Wings
  2016-Mar-06 - #449 Find Freedom In His Perfect Love (Live In Israel)

  2016-Feb-14 - #448 The One Thing That Brings Success In Every Area

  2016-Jan-31 - #447 Activate God’s Favor In Your Life
  2016-Jan-24 - #446 Listen To The Preached Word And See Breakthroughs
  2016-Jan-17 - #445 Wisdom To Possess Your Possessions
  2016-Jan-10 - #440 The Battle Is The Lord’s
  2016-Jan-03 - #439 Vision Sunday—Possessing Our Possessions